Alla Breve Music Sound Shell
Enhanced sound and easy setup make this sound shell a top performer.

Features & Benefits

“Alla breve” means “cut time”, which is exactly what this self-standing, portable music sound shell does during setup. This easy-to-handle music shell can be rolled into any room and quickly set up to enhance sound. In fact, only one person is required to set it up, because panels glide easily into position with a minimal 15-pound lift effort. Durable, laminated panels reflect a maximum range of audible frequencies to improve the blend and mix of sounds. Performers and audiences alike love the mix and projection of sound enhanced by the Alla Breve Music Sound Shell.

Tower with Canopy: Improve sound for both performers and audience with better blend, mix and projection. The canopy can be set at 4 different angles to reflect a maximum range of audible frequencies. Reduce maintenance with tough, impact resistant ABS plastic “skin” on rigid 7/8"-thick panels. Realize maximum durability with a strong steel frame.

Counterweighted-pulley Setup: Save setup time as top panels glide into performance position with minimal, 15-pound lift effort. Save labor as only one person (even someone of slight build) is needed to raise or lower the Shell.

Telescoping Height Adjustment: Enjoy improved sound in various rooms at any height from 8'4" to 13'4.5." Reduce labor as Shell, measuring 6' 7.5" tall in the storage position, will pass through standard doorways.

Twin Casters: Save time as shell rolls easily to and from same-level storage area (if Shell must be lifted, its 256-lb. weight is more easily managed than old-style 375+ lb. shells). Save labor as only one person is needed to roll shell (when in storage position).

Nested Storage: Save space as shells nest compactly in storage (six nested Shells occupy less that 39 square feet).

Durable, Laminated Panels reflect a maximum range of audible frequencies. Panels are a “sandwich” laminate 7/8" thick with a 3/4" honeycomb-core. Surface is a warm beige plastic.


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